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Porvenir appeared during the gold fever in 1883. Founded in 1894 for the accommodation of the big cattle companies which were installed in the area, it was named by the discoverer of the Porvenir Bay, an explorer known as George Potter. Today, in Porvenir live 5.400 people and, even though it is a small community, it has all the comfort and basic services to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants and the people who go there to spend their vacations.

In Porvenir you can visit the Fernando Cordero Rusque Museum, which has a permanent exhibition of archeology, where you can see the mummified body of a native. You can also see a show about the fauna of Tierra del Fuego, and a photographic exhibit of the Onas or Selknam, the most important native group of the Magallanes.

You can also take a walk down the street by the Magellan's Strip, in Señoret and Santa Maria streets. Down these streets you can find the Plaza de las Banderas (Flags Square), the Parque del Recuerdo (Memory Park) where you can see old machineries, and the Croatian Park. There you can see a monument made on natural wood to honor the Selknam Native. In the Square in Porvenir you can visit the San Francisco de Sales church, construction made in the late 1800s.


Getting to know the most important town in Tierra del Fuego, which is only fifteen minutes away (flying) from Punta Arenas. Porvenir is all green and blue, with wonderful panoramic views of the Magellan's Strop and Bahia Chilota, where all the charters from Punta Arenas get to. It is smaller than Punta Arenas, but it has all the necessary to provide a comfortable stay to its visitors.


Porvenir is one of the last cities of southern Chile, and, therefore, of the american continent. Of enormous beauty and simple architecture, it is surrounded by araucarias (Chile's most distinct tree) and native forest, the city is a place to walk about, while you take pictures of all the small wonders you find on your trip. They will certainly be the envy of all your friends back home.


Tierra del Fuego, 24 miles east of Punta Arenas.
How To Get There
By land you take the Ruta 9 Norte before you reach Punta Arenas, and in kilometer 47 you take the CH255 route. This one connects to Tierra del Fuego by ferry, straight to Porvenir.
By water you have to cross the Magellan's Strip, taking a boat or zodiac on Three Bridges (Tres Puentes) in Punta Arenas. The ferry ride ends on Bahia Chilota, which is 5 kms away from Porvenir. The ferry works from Tuesday to Sunday, once a day, and it takes it two and a half hours to get to Tierra del Fuego.
You can also fly over the Strip, taking a flight in Punta Arenas. The flights are daily and the trip takes about 15 minutes.
When To Go
All Year.
Tundra. Lots of rain and strong wind, temperatures between 5°C y 7°C.
Accommodation, hotel, hostal, airport, food, restaurant, gas station.
Estrecho de Magallanes, Monumento Natural Lagunas de los Cisnes, Bahía Chilota, Laguna Verde, Estancia Gente Grande.
Entrance Price