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Fly fishing is an activity that welcomes new people each season. The amount of rivers and lakes in the South of Chile, as well as the quantity and variety of species in its waters, make of Patagonia a paradise for those who enjoy this sport.

It is not a competitive activity, it does not matter who catches the most fish. The idea is to enjoy the surroundings, to find peace, to get the best specimen and to give it back to its habitat in the best condition. In Chile you can find salmon, tuna, bonito, sierra, pejerey, carps and trout, mostly.

In Patagonia, the star is the trout, with several species in lakes and rivers of the area. Some trout found have been almost 20 pounds heavy. You can also see salmons, swimming against the currents, trying to get back to their home, where they deposit eggs and renew the life-cycle.

To practice fly fishing you need a cane or fishing rod, water clothes, decoy, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and coil. In some lakes and rivers you will have to go in, on a boat or minor ship, to find fish; while in others you?d just need to stand on the shore.