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TermasChile has over 270 sources of thermal water along its territory. In the northern part of the country, volcanic activity creates geysers, while in the south it forms thermal springs, around them people have built spa and vacation complexes.

In Southern Chile, in Patagonia, the geographic spot where the country is has created over seventy thermal pools, which begin in the Llaima volcanoe in region IX, and end in the Liquiñe-Ofqui in Puerto Montt. Thermal waters have different temperatures, while some never go over 30°C, other can reach up to 80.

To enjoy this wonder of nature, several thermal centers have been built in different places in the country. In region ten there are several, like the Coñaripe and Liquiñe Thermal Complexes, as well as the Puyehue Complex. The last one is near a ski center and it offers, besides thermal baths, the opportunity of taking a bath of mud. In the area there are other facilities with thermal waters such as El Amarillo, Llancahue, Cahuelmó and Aguas Calientes (Hot Waters).

Further south, in the Austral Road (Carretera Austral), you can find the Puyuhuapi Therms, one of the best thermal water centers in the country. It is located in the Ventisquero snowdrift, 123 kms away from Coyhaique, in the middle of Patagonia, surrounded by forests and with a wonderful view to the mountains.

The water in Puyuhuapi can reach 80°C, a temperature so high the human body cannot stand it, so they have built pools and the water used for therapies or relaxation is not hotter than 47°C. The water there is filled with minerals, such as magnesium and zinc, which is terrific for the human body.

From Puyuhuapi you can also go on excursions to different places near the complex, such as the Queulat National Park, where you can go fishing or kayaking, amongst other things.

Other source of thermal water in Patagonia is the Termas del Amarillo, which is north of Puyuhuapi. It is located 30 kms away from Chaiten, and you can get there by taking a detour properly signalized in the Austral Road.

The average temperature in El Amarillo water is 50 degress, water that springs from the Michimauida volcano. It is water rich is sulfur, used to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatic fever, amongst other degenerative illnesses.

Just as in Puyuhuapi, in El Amarillo you can go trekking or horseback riding to places nearby, or find out about longer excursions and trips that include camping in the forests around the complex.